About Us

We Are About Quality, Not Quantity Happy Camp Cob started as a small boarding facility and has now become a breeding facility for high quality Gypsy Cob Horses and Gypsy Cob Sport Horses. Our horses all have excellent confirmation, color and temperament, and these are the traits that make this breed so special and unique. […]

Irish Cob History

The Gypsy Cob was created to be a strong, reliable and versatile horse. In addition, the Gypsy Cob is famed for its beauty and natural gentleness. They were expected to pull heavy caravans long distances in England, Ireland and throughout Europe. They had to graze off the land and be trustworthy enough to be handled […]

Contact Us

To inquire about Lord MacLeod’s Services Click this link! or send an email with your information to templeofgroom@live.com Only serious inquiries please! 8421 Happy Camp Rd. Moorpark, CA  93201 (805)552-3068