Lord Orion


Lord Orion- Born 6-21-11 is the first born of our Stallion Lord Cedric and Lady Diana. We couldn’t be more pleased, he is the spitting image of his father. Our starry starry knight was named after the “Orion Constellation” on his neck.

Lord Orion is the Grand-son of our Lady K.C. and “Jack” (SD Farms) and the Great-grandson of Bob the Bladgon.. His mother Lady Diana is the Grand-daughter of the Road Sweeper (U.K.), which make him the Great-Grandson of the Road Sweeper, (U.K.). She is a Watson bred mare.

He will be very athletic like is Father, He has a Wonderful personality and will make someone very proud in the show ring.

Priced: $10,000 as a Stallion prospect
$8,000 as a gelding